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Willoughby City Council Mayor Tanya Taylor visits ACY Securities head office

Mayor Tanya Taylor of Willoughby City Council recently visited the ACY Securities head office where she talked about the strategic direction and some of the major development projects to be pursued under her leadership.

Mayor Taylor, who was elected to Willoughby City Council in December 2021, was accompanied by Deputy Mayor Brendon Zhu and Councillor Jam Xia.

During the visit, Mayor Tanya shared her vision to foster strong community involvement and partnerships with the Council.

At the same time, she outlined some City Council initiatives to encourage residents and businesses to give feedback and to take active participation to ensure that Willoughby continues to flourish. She shared the success of the Chatswood Nights – Roaming Gnomes activation which resulted in over $8,000,000 of revenue generated for the local businesses of Chatswood.

Mayor Taylor said she welcomed feedback from a broad range of stakeholders.

Front row L-R: Henrick Rajamountry – Head of Marketing, ACY Securities, Brendon Zhu – Deputy Mayor of Willoughby City Council, Jimmy Ye – Chief Executive Officer, ACY Securities, Tanya Taylor – Mayor of Willoughby City Council, Jam Xia – Willoughby City Council Councillor. Second row L-R: Andrew Taylor – Managing Director, ACY Connect, Kris Wang – Head of Trading, ACY Securities, Ashley Jessen – Chief Operating Officer, ACY Securities.

“I’m a big believer in including the community and getting input from residents and business owners alike,” Mayor Tanya said.

“We want to ensure that we pursue projects and initiatives that will benefit every resident in our diverse community of Willoughby.”

The Mayor’s visit to the ACY Securities head office formed part of a consultative strategy to gather feedback from business owners and broader community.

Jimmy Ye, Chief Executive Officer at ACY Securities, commended Mayor Taylor for her vision and leadership. He said, “Having established the ACY Securities head office here in Chatswood, which is at the heart of Willoughby City, we have seen the massive transformation of this area over the past several years.”

“Chatswood is now a cosmopolitan area recognised for its strong arts, cuisine and culture, as well as a thriving business and finance community. With Mayor Taylor’s leadership, we envision that the city of Willoughby will continue to be a competitive and flourishing city.”