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ACY receives recognition for its charity work

ACY Securities has received recognition for its support to charity work at the 2022 Annual Gala of Australian Chinese United Business Associated Federation Salvation Army Charity Dinner on Sunday evening.

As part of its charity efforts, ACY Securities helped to raise $22,888 which went directly to the Salvation Army NSW.

Ashley Jessen, Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities said, “It was a great honour to receive the Certificate of Appreciation from the Salvation Army in NSW, recognising the continuing support we at ACY Securities have provided to help make a positive impact on our local communities. ACY is profoundly grateful for the tireless work the Salvation Army have done and continue to do, touching the lives of countless people in Australia and abroad.”

During his speech to a vibrant ballroom of around 350 guests, Jessen recounted family friends whose house in Broadwater near Woodburn was flooded to the second floor, with many others along the Richmond River (Northern NSW). The support of family, friends, and the Salvos helped them see the light at the end of the tunnel as they had to rebuild their home and life.

“Sitting in the backyard of those family friends, to see the devastation the floods had brought, was a real eye-opener, and a testimony to the Salvos who were on the ground helping every one of those in need during the recent NSW floods,” Jessen added.

Miriam Gluyas, Divisional Commander for the Salvation Army in NSW, gave the Certificate of Appreciation during the 2022 Annual Gala of the Australian China United Business Association Federation Salvation Army Sydney Charity Dinner.

Co-founder and Chief Risk Officer of ACY Securities, Winson Cao, was dually thanked by Miriam Gluyas, Deputy Mayor Brendon Zhu, The Hon. Dr Helen Sham-Ho, Councillor Nancy Liu, Councillor Nathan Tilbury, and a host of other dignitaries, for his continued donations to their charities.

The Gala event provided a night of networking opportunities and a gathering in the spirit of giving.

The event concluded with Mr Cao joining the VIPs on stage to sing a version of ‘Tomorrow will be Better,’ looking to inspire all towards a better future.

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