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ACY Securities Interview with Table Tennis NSW

As part of our recently announced multi-year sponsorship with Table Tennis NSW, we took the opportunity to invite the leadership team from TTNSW into our in-house studio to discuss all things table tennis with our Head of Marketing, Henrick Rajamountry.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Table Tennis NSW President, Tony Aduckiewicz and Vice President, Ted Davis to discuss the future plans for Table Tennis NSW including exciting initiatives involving all NSW schools, the recent wins at the National Championships and Commonwealth Games as well as the significance of the partnership with ACY Securities.

Commenting on the new schools initiative, Tony Aduckiewicz, President – TTNSW said, “We are now looking to supply every school in NSW with a table tennis starter set. Kids can try out the sport, we’ll transfer those skills from being testers into players, players into a breeding ground for champions and champions bringing medals home to Australia through the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.”

Henrick Rajamountry, Head of Marketing – ACY Securities commented, “It was really great to hear the strategic direction of what Tony and Ted have planned. It goes beyond the sport of table tennis and really shows the passion and purpose they have of using TTNSW as the catalyst for trying to create solutions to everyday issues found in the community.