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ACY Securities Further Expands Its Offering with the Introduction of 14 New Futures CFD Products

ACY Securities, a leading global multi-asset CFD broker, is thrilled to announce the launch of its inaugural futures CFD products. This significant development expands upon the 2,200+ suite of trading instruments available to ACY Securities’ clients by introducing 14 new futures CFD products across forex, energy and soft commodities.

With these new futures products, ACY Securities aims to offer traders more choice on their trading journey. Utilising the same leverage as their other CFD products, such as the EURUSD, these new futures CFDs provide traders with a high level of flexibility. For instance, both the futures CFD and the standard FX CFD on the EURUSD feature up to 500 to 1 leverage ratio.

One of the features of these new futures CFD is the uniformity in position sizing when compared to ACY Securities’ existing CFD offerings. This ensures that traders can seamlessly transition between different instruments, maintaining consistency in their trading strategies.

The futures CFDs introduced by ACY Securities will primarily be quarterly contracts across various assets however, the energy futures CFDs will be available as a monthly contract, catering to traders who prefer shorter-term trading opportunities.

Jimmy Ye, CEO – ACY Securities commented “We are committed to continuously enriching our product offerings to empower traders with diverse tools and opportunities. The introduction of our new Futures products is a testament to our dedication to providing our clients with more choice when taking a position on the markets.”

Furthermore, ACY Securities’ new futures CFD products offer traders a distinct advantage by eliminating swaps, making them an attractive option for those seeking cost-effective trading opportunities. Another feature is the absence of auto rollovers. Instead of auto-rolling into the next contract month, ACY Securities will automatically close client positions at the specified expiry date.

This latest release follows a recent announcement by ACY Securities, in which they introduced two new trading instruments to their extensive range of offerings. Clients can now take a position on the Volatility Index (VIX) and the US Dollar Index (DXY) CFDs, expanding their trading options.

About ACY Securities

ACY Securities is one of Australia’s fastest growing multi-asset CFD broker, offering ultra-low-cost trading, rock-solid execution, technologically superior account management and premium market analysis. The key pillars we operate on are transparency, client-focus and technology. With a track record of servicing clients since 2011, we are well-positioned to look after your trading needs.

ACY Securities is part of the ACY Group of companies which include ACY Partners, ACY Advisory, ACY Connect, ACY Live and Zerologix.