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ACY Securities Celebrates Milestone Achievements in Tradingcup Copy Trading

ACY证券, a leading global multi-asset CFD broker, is thrilled to announce significant milestones in the adoption and success of its live copy trading feature on the Tradingcup platform. With over 3,248 signals generated and more than $54 million in invested funds, the platform has seen remarkable growth since its launch

The live copy trading feature on Tradingcup continues to revolutionise the way traders engage with financial markets, offering a seamless and intuitive way to replicate the trades of top-performing traders. This innovative addition to the platform provides traders of all levels with unprecedented access to successful trading strategies and real-time performance data. This is all made possible from the in-house custom developed platform, built from the ground up. 

Henrick Rajamountry – Head of Marketing at ACY Securities commented, “We are extremely pleased to see such robust growth and engagement on Tradingcup and the copy trading feature. In a short period of time, the platform has quickly become a hub for traders seeking to leverage the expertise of top traders and enhance their own trading strategies. The impressive number of signals generated and funds invested reflects the confidence and trust our users have in the platform.“ 

Key Highlights of Tradingcup Copy Trading 

  • Over 3,248 signals generated, providing users with a diverse range of trading strategies to choose from. 
  • More than $54 million in invested funds, highlighting the growing popularity and success of the platform. 
  • Seamless replication allows users to effortlessly mirror the trades of seasoned traders with just a few clicks. 
  • Access to a curated community of top-performing traders, offering exclusive insights and expertise. 
  • Transparent performance metrics enable traders to make informed decisions with real-time performance statistics and comprehensive historical data on past trades. 

In addition to copy trading, Tradingcup also offers traders the opportunity to become signal providers and share their expertise with the community. This dual functionality creates a dynamic ecosystem where traders can both learn from others and contribute to the success of fellow traders. 

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As part of its commitment to providing valuable insights for traders, ACY Securities has also introduced regular exclusive video interviews with the top trending traders on Tradingcup. The video interviews aim to spotlight each trader and provide rare insights into the traders’ journey, strategies, and keys to success. 

For more information about the live copy trading feature on Tradingcup please visit tradingcup.com 

Media contact 

Henrick Rajamountry 
Head of Marketing 
[email protected] 

About ACY Securities 

ACY Securities is a globally renowned multi-asset CFD broker, committed to delivering innovative trading solutions. With a rich history spanning 13 years, ACY Securities has established itself as a trusted partner for traders seeking a secure and advanced trading environment. The company offers a comprehensive range of financial products, including Forex, Commodities, Indices, ETFs, Shares, Futures and Cryptocurrencies, supported by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled customer service. 

ACY Securities is part of the ACYLogix group of companies which include ACY Partners, ACY Advisory, ACY Connect, ACY Live and Zerologix.